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  • Question: I love your blog and all but I just dont like it how you and some of your followers hate k kids who arent mixed. Its just as bad as one hating on someone from being mixed! All the people In the world & you mad cause my parents match? Jk just sayin! - Anonymous
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    We don’t hate non-mixed kids. We just think they look dull, boring, ordinary, and plain. Just another non-unique face in the crowd. All we can do is hope those dime a dozen kids grow up to have mixed babies. And if not them, then their kids, and so on and so on.

    No one is mad that your parents “match” lol. Why do you assume we are angry and hate on this or that? When we clearly don’t. If you don’t want to mix, then don’t. No one is breaking your free will.

    I just think it looks weird to see same race couples with same race kids. Like some shit out of the twilight zone.

    This is what Western civilization has come to. We have come full circle.

    what in the goddamn hell is this

    I hope these people never reproduce.

    Just so every white child knows, 

    You’re perfect the way you are. You don’t have to change how you look to appease these people. We love you!! 

    Every White man deserves a good White woman. 

    It went from one end of the retard spectrum to the other.

    Tumblr, you have some goddamn stupid people.

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Dreams come tru :’)

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I’m an american and I can say that this is 100% how we speak. 

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Crowd reacts to Megaman’s Final Smash during the Super Smash Bros. Invitational



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Statistically more men are raped in prison annually than there are estimated rapes of women annually in the US.
Considering the roughly 2.5 million men in prison, there’s an actual reason for men to fear getting raped for going to prison compared to walking down the street as a woman. The fear of something happening =/= the probability of that thing happening.

Let’s completely ignore the fact that going to prison entails losing most of your liberties, often for a long period of time. And that this would be very frightening to most people.

Okay but this literally infuriates me so fucking badly that I actually can’t even articulate why I’m so mad.

Oh, great! Here’s more “all women are delicate daisies who literally fear for their lives every time they step outside of their homes” bullshit.

Actually, what I, a woman, fear most is losing my whole family. After that, prison sounds horrifying. I’d rank “walking down the sidewalk” pretty fucking low on my list. Also, you’re highly unlikely to be raped by a stranger; when someone is raped, it’s usually by someone that they know.

Stop trying to speak for everyone, YesAllWomen.

~Mod Silvermoon424

I think when people hear the word “convict,” they think, “Wow, he must have done something really shitty!” They naturally assume that all convicts, all men in prisons, did something monstrous to deserve the terrible treatment they receive behind bars.

This isn’t true. Innocent men—especially innocent men of color—are quite often put behind bars without good cause. Our justice system is faulty, and it also heavily favors women.

Let’s assume that all men behind bars are guilty, however. What crimes can get you put behind bars? Think about this question. Think about all of the non-violent, victimless crimes that can get a man locked away for life. Think of petty crimes. Think of men who have never actually harmed another human being in their entire lives.

Those men can easily end up in prison, and they run a high risk of being raped. Repeatedly.

The reason men do not fear being raped outside of prison, is because they are taught that they cannot be. If a woman rapes them, they wanted it, they scored, they should be celebrating, not shaking and crying and feeling like they’ve been violated. If a man does it, they’re fags, perverts, fetishists, and they probably wanted that, too. They’re taught that they cannot be raped.

But they’re taught that, if they go to prison, suddenly, they can be. For some inexplicable reason, they believe that they can only be raped in prison, that, outside of prison, they’re invulnerable; probably because that is what society, as a whole, has taught them.

You are using victims of rape to justify the necessity of feminism. You are using victims of rape who already struggle to let their voices be heard, because American society has turned the rape of male convicts into a joke. We laugh at the concept of men being raped. We actually fucking laugh at it.

This is why I don’t need feminism. It continues to perpetuate harmful ideas about male victims of rape and male convicts who are victims of rape.

The Department of Justice said in 2008 that they had more rape cases IN prison than OUT of prison, with 216,000 male victims of rape in a single year. Why is this significant? Because they had fewer than 90,000 rape cases that were from the general population, and the number of rape victims continues to decline. It’s declined by over 80% since the 1970s.

Most prisoners are not serving sentences for violent crimes. 7.9% of sentenced prisoners in federal prisons (as of September 2009) were in for violent crimes. 1/3rd of all prison exonerations have been men that were wrongfully convicted of sexual assault, who were probably then sexually assaulted in prison. People have been raped for the crime of being innocent. It’s also a known fact the justice system is highly racist.

Men are the majority of victims for just about every crime, particularly black men. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, men are 61% of assault victims, 80% of robbery victims, and 63% of victims for all “crimes of violence.” Men are also 77% of murder victimsThe CDC made a report in 2010 which says almost half of rape victims are male when you discount prison statistics.

Plus, as mentioned above, rape doesn’t usually happen outside. 11% of rapes and sexual assaults are committed by strangers, according to the Department of Justice. In 60% of all cases, the rape took place in a location the victim would have assumed was safe (generally their own home, or the home of a friend/relative).

So this tweet isn’t accurate. I mean, it could be for some women - maybe that’s a legitimate fear - but that wouldn’t line up with the facts about violence/rape in the USA. A person’s chance of being raped is less than 1%. Being on the sidewalk, that number is even less.

And if anyone wants to reblog this with the oft-quoted “but 1 in 4 women will be raped” - no, stop using that statistic. It was debunked in the 1990s and the woman who did the study admitted it was too flawed to use. I’m all for equal rights and women’s advocacy, but a little intellectual honesty would be nice to see from some people.

Look at this flawless commentary.

Gaze upon it, and weep, for its glory is too mighty and magnificent to bear.

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I saw someone say to do this so i did this




I saw someone say to do this so i did this


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